Appeals Lawyer

Auckland Appeals Lawyer

You have a right to appeal.

The court sometimes gets it wrong. You can consider appealing in lots of different situations – on bail, on the admissibility of evidence, on conviction and on sentence.

My clients have been released on bail, had their convictions quashed and their sentences reduced as a result of appeals that I have taken on their behalf.
I know that in order to succeed on appeal it is necessary to research thoroughly, draft careful submissions and deliver focussed and concise oral submissions. I have the experience and skills to help you.

If you are thinking about appealing give me a call and we can discuss your options.

Case Studies

My client appealed against the refusal of the District Court Judge to grant him bail pending sentence.  On appeal it was argued that the Judge had failed to consider that the likely sentence would be non-custodial.  The High Court Judge agreed and granted my client bail.

My client appealed against the sentence imposed for a number of burglary offences.  The High court judge agreed that the starting point taken by the District Court judge was too high and that this had resulted in an end sentence that was too high.  My client’s appeal was allowed and his sentence reduced.

My client appealed against the District Court Judge’s decision to impose a minimum period of imprisonment on his sentence.  On appeal, it was argued that the Judge made an error in the imposition of his sentence.  The High Court Judge agreed with my submission and my client’s appeal was allowed in part.

My client appealed against his conviction for theft. On appeal it was argued that the Judge had made errors in the factual findings that she had made.  The High Court Judge agreed and quashed by client’s conviction.

This case involved a successful challenge to the admissibility of a confession made to a police officer.  The confession was excluded because the police failed to follow proper procedure and acted unfairly in obtaining the confession.

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